Web Design

We are a marketing company that specializes in branding, SEO and web application development. A custom website is more than a pretty design with smooth navigation. Professional web application development starts with an evaluation of your company’s market position for its products and services, which establishes your unique selling point (also known as USP), that will brand your company and drive its marketing.

This full-service approach enables Standalone Marketing Inc. to develop your marketing strategy and make your custom website a key focal point of your company’s advertising campaign. With that in mind, we start with a key-word search, which is in synch with our client’s area of specialization, enabling us to also design a website that is SEO friendly.

Mobile marketing and mobile websites are also a big part of our web application development strategy. Since almost 50% of Internet surfing is now done on smart phones, every customer should have at the very least, an abbreviated mobile website.